Jiangsu Hengfeng Weiye Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

One day, dapeng and the wind, two jin yan fly thousands of miles. Jiangsu province hengfeng cause a collection of industrial product research and development, design, production, manufacture and environmental engineering, scientific research, manufacture, installation and saloon car production, manufacturing, marketing, tourism, the diversity of culture is a body comprehensive enterprise, the headquarters is located in a culture with a history of more than 2500 years the ancient city of changzhou, research and development, design, production and operations center is located in wujin environmental side of beautiful taihu lake, the enterprise has multiple series of subsidiary, environmental engineering science and technology, glass fiber reinforced plastic standard products, glass fiber reinforced plastic non-standard custom products with camping rv, art room, etc. The water is endless, and the lotus flowers are red. Enterprise since its inception in 1997, main business of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, plastic products, chemical products, environmental technology engineering products in smelting, titanium white, phosphate &compound fertilizer, petrochemical, building, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, electronics, medicine, tourism, culture and other fields obtained rapid development. Award-winning, has won the China nonferrous metals industry association and the China nonferrous metals association awarded the "China non-ferrous metal industry two award, science and technology", the state administration of production safety supervision and management of the supervision of "safety production standardization 3 AAA enterprise" and the Chinese business enterprise association, Chinese enterprises issued by the magazine "China innovative enterprise" title. Company chairman has invented a number of invention patents, including "exhaust gas desulfurization method of zinc oxide smelting industry 'invention patent remains the industry forefront, in 2010, chairman of China's top ten economic activity of female characters also was awarded as" the Chinese women for "and other honorary titles. In the process of enterprise development, got the commission on international trade in China, the French technology quality supervision and evaluation committee, changzhou enterprise contract assessment agencies acknowledged by the review committee, the people's bank of China, jiangsu honest credit rating agencies, and other agencies, the committee's strong support and help, and have achieved obvious economic benefits and social benefits, also awarded "recommended products to Europe" with "credit (contract) AAA enterprise", "AAA grade credit enterprise" and other honorary certificate. To be a thousand miles away, go up to the next level. Hengfeng great breadth of view all the scenery, foot all over the world, in order to "efficiency, quality management, cost reduction service win customers" business philosophy and "customer needs is our pursuit" the perfect combination of company's policy. As the development goal of the enterprise, it is the motivation and direction of hengfeng people's unremitting pursuit. The enterprise also establishes the national quality management, the national security production, the national energy conservation and environmental protection three systems as the foundation, for the enterprise development and the spread management idea has laid the solid backing. In order to revitalize the national industry and serve the needs of customers, enterprises have established good cooperation with logistics, insurance and finance for a long time to help customers guarantee the transportation and safety of products. Enterprise also pays attention to the innovation and development of the product, and with a number of domestic and design institute established close cooperative relations, will continue to launch high-quality, high value-added products, with swept wings posture, towards a peak of the industry.
The wind and waves will have a day, straight up cloud night at this time. Enterprise since 2016, independent research and development of locomotive camp trailer, mushroom art house, fruit houses, capsule type camping, commercial coffee car, rv, multi-function entertainment KTV, progress more ⼀ step. Hengfeng weiye always put the "good faith to win the world, cooperation in the future, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by science and technology, to the prestige market" of the enterprise purpose runs through the whole lifecycle of products, to build a full range of service system, let the customer benefit maximization.
The dream has set sail, the heart has set sail. Hengfeng weiye "everything is a responsibility, all grateful, always put the customer first" as the core of enterprise culture, and is willing to work with the world people with lofty ideals, knowledge and work hand in hand to achieve upstream, let us together to create, share, and win-win, composed by our common life more brilliant.


Founded in 1997


2000 project cases


More than 10 award projects


150 partner companies